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Living in Naples Florida Guide

Historic Naples Pier at Sunset

Historic Naples Pier

First built out of necessity by Walter N. Haldeman and The Naples Town Improvement Company, Naples Pier has been rebuilt five times since originally erected in 1888 but still sits at the West end of 12th Avenue South. An example of ever evolving Naples, the pier has grown over the years and is now 1100 feet long compared to the 600 foot original structure.

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View of the golf course from the clubhouse near sunset.

Live and Play at Treviso Bay

If you seek to immerse yourself in the warmth of South Florida, making the choice to both live and play at Treviso Bay could be the move for you. Whether you are an experienced player or seeking the guidance of one of the pros, Treviso Bay offers services to compliment your skill. A part of the PGA TOUR’s acclaimed TPC Network of clubs you can expect to enjoy an extraordinary golfing experience.

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