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Home Buyers

Our Guarantee

Your Naples home will likely be the greatest financial investment you’ll ever make. Using our trained real estate agents for your transaction, can also make it your wisest investment. Give yourself every opportunity to come out on top by working with a professional.

Get All the Naples/Marco Island Listings

New homes for sale in Naples FL hit the real estate market daily. We will be in regular contact with sellers as well as other real estate agents to ensure that you see all the newest listings right away, whether or not they’re made public. Often, buyers can put in offers with little or no competition and walk away with an impressive deal on the property of their choice. We will save you valuable time by making sure you only see properties that meet your needs, criteria and investment preferences.

Pertinent Information

As you compare properties, we will provide you with information about the home, its neighborhood, schools, utilities, and nearby plans for development.

Real Estate Professionals on Your Side

Many real estate transactions include an extensive negotiating process. Know that you will have the best, most experienced and knowledgeable Real Estate Professional working for you. Expect us to arrange property inspections, make sure any and all agreed-upon repair work is carried out, and to handle the paperwork related to the sale. An agent can also help set up the financing for your investment, and work directly with a broker to provide you with a seamless service package. With a solid investment you will find yourself in the best possible position when it is time to resell the property.

Canadian Investors in Florida

Most people don’t realize how much Canadian investing has increased in Naples FL and the entire state. In fact 80% of all foreign investors in Florida are Canadian, and 30-40% of sales result from Canadian buyers.

It’s not surprising really. Canadian Buyers will definitely want to check out the 10 Reasons to Buy a Home in Naples, Florida, or Review our section dedicated to Canadian Investors.

Out-of-Country Property Purchase/International Home Buyers

If you live in another country and are looking to buy a property in Naples FL, you have come to the right agents. 60% of our overall business in 2013 was International clients. When you’re buying American property outside of your country, you require professional assistance to ensure that the purchase is conducted smoothly. We offer competent representation in international real estate dealings.

If you are purchasing with all cash then there are really no regulations for a foreigner purchasing U.S. property. The taxes that you would pay would be no different than that of a U.S. citizen. As far as taxes that everyone has to pay when purchasing would be 1.25% of the purchase price for the year. Then you would pay another .7 % of the purchase price that goes to the state and it is a ONE time fee. Other than that there may be Homeowners Association fees and those costs depend on where the property is that you select. Those fees INCLUDE certain services and amenities that go along with the property. such as lawn maintenance, cable TV, garbage collection, security and similar such services.

If you are looking to finance the property there is a tax of .35% of the purchase price of the property and you would also have to put 30-50% down on the property IF you are financing through our banks in the U.S.

Buying property in the United States can be a great investment strategy. You can find a place that works as a vacation home, a permanent residence, or as a rental property. Chances are that your property value will go up, leaving you with a significant asset.

It’s advisable to take a trip to the Naples or Marco Island neighborhood you’re considering buying in for the express purpose of looking at properties and the community. If you can’t visit, we can assist you in finding the type of property you want for a fair price.

No matter what your goals are for purchasing property in Naples, we’re dedicated to working hard for you and finding you what you want. Here in the U.S. Real estate sales are conducted very differently than they are in Europe. You do not normally contact the listing agent to inquire about the property they have listed. Instead, you work with ONE realtor who shows you all of the property that you have an interest in. And that one realtor represents you as you look at each and every property until you make a decision which property to purchase. Then that same realtor will put in your offer for you and ultimately help you to negotiate the purchase of whichever property you choose. We can represent you on any and all property you have an interest in within the state of Florida.

I look forward to working with you!

Renting Out Your Property Once Purchased

We handle all of the rental responsibilities associated with renting out our clients property once purchased. From advertising the property, marketing the property, handling all repairs, cleaning, obtaining tenants for the unit whether is be seasonally or annually, writing up leases, collecting rents as well as welcoming those tenants when they arrive to be sure they have a tour of the property and feel at home when they arrive.

Florida Taxes

Florida has some of the most favorable tax laws in the country. For those of you new to the area, or considering a move to our sunny state, here is a quick summary of Florida taxes and where you can get more information: Florida Tax Laws

Income Tax

Florida is one of the few states that doesn’t charge income tax, however residents are still required to pay federal tax. Corporations that aren’t exempt must file a return.

Sales Tax

The 2013 sale tax rate is 6% in Florida, plus a Discretionary Sales Surtax that varies by county. View the 2013 surtax listing by county.

Property Tax

Florida property taxes are calculated annually based on the market value of the property on January 1 of the current year. Get information for a taxpayers that outlines the tax system, exemptions, payment info and more.

Estate Tax

Florida has no estate or inheritance tax. There are additional miscellaneous taxes for gas, cigarettes, hotel, communication services, and document transfer (i.e. mortgages, deeds).

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